About Us

Komrads was formed in late 2014 in Rochester, NY by founding members Zach Burnett, Jesse Hellstead, and Sam Langley.  The group set out to fuse their long standing affection for punk icons such as GG Allin and Dead Boys with their deep obsession for early darkwave artists like Depeche Mode and Joy Division.  Their first experiment entitled "Hail"  was released in 2015 on Wicked Squid Records.  

Over the next two years the group would tour the northeast and midwest opening for acts such as  Skeletal Family, Marian Hill, Psyclon Nine, and Hank and Cupcakes.  It was also during this period when Joe Sexton, joined the outfit and expanded the group's live visual experience.  In the Spring of 2017 the group returned to the studio to record their sophomore release entitled "Resistor" with engineer/ producer Josh Pettinger at Wicked Squid Studios.  The album was later mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Brian "Big Bass" Gardner.  The record was self released in May of 2018.     

Since 2015 the group has operated as a three piece with Zach Burnett at the helm, Jesse Hellstead on bass and vocals, and Joe Sexton functioning as the groups lighting technician.      


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